The Porcelains of Thomas Wolfe at Stoke upon Trent (formerly Factory Z)

After many years of study of “Factory Z” by collectors a near-consensus has formed that the porcelains are the work of Thomas Wolfe. London Ceramic Circle has taken up the challenge to produce a book under the editorship of Field McIntyre who was able to access previous work by late collectors such as Phillip Miller and the reference collection of Marjorie Thacker. The aim has been to illustrate patterns and shapes attributable to the factory.

This publication provides a unique attribution guide to Thomas Wolfe. The format is a soft-back A4 book with 128 pages including more than 430 colour illustrations, giving a comprehensive look at the wares and a strong starting point for attribution of further patterns in the future.

Illustrations from the book are below and you can purchase the book at the bottom of the page using cards or Paypal.

The Porcelains of Thomas Wolfe at Stoke upon Trent

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